Marketplace for Monday, June 23, 2008

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Zimbabwe's election in jeopardy

With the opposition party's leader forced out of the race, host Tess Vigeland asks reporter Gretchen Wilson in South Africa about the fate of Zimbabwe's presidential election.

The death of the SUV

Ford and GM are cutting back on SUV production as dealers have a hard time getting existing models off their lots. Is this the beginning of the end for the SUV? Jeff Tyler reports.
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Hands-free law boosts headset sales

On July 1, California starts cracking down on drivers caught with their hands on a cell phone, a move that has accessory manufacturers counting down the days. Rob Schmitz reports.
Posted In: Crime

Give GIs a chance, no matter the price

The money available for veterans to go to college could double if a new GI Bill is approved. Commentator Kim Clark says the measure's costs are greatly offset by the benefits it brings to the troops.

The Fed's roadmap to stability

Between a weak dollar, inflation worries and losses by investment banks, the Fed has its work cut out for it. Host Tess Vigeland talks with NYU financial historian Richard Sylla about the path back to a stronger economy.
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Campaigns clash over ethanol

John McCain and Barack Obama both kicked off their campaigns in Iowa, the state where corn is king, but they have very different views when it comes to corn in the form of ethanol. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Corn syrup tries to sweeten its image

High-fructose corn syrup has been taking heat as a possible cause for the obesity epidemic, so producers are investing in building a more natural reputation for the sweetener. Jill Barshay reports.

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