Marketplace for Monday, June 17, 2013

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American Airlines plans to make coach seats thinner and adjust legroom in the economy section. How much is an inch worth, to both parties? How much more money with American Airlines make from the move? And will passengers be more willing to pay for upgraded seats? Also, how the NSA surveillance story may be a harbinger about the future of the internet.

Should the NSA send you a check when they wiretap you?

Computer scientist Jaron Lanier has a market solution for the NSA's wiretapping needs -- and it involves taking out the agency's checkbook.
Posted In: nsa, data, online security

Why do actors in France get paid so much? Subsidies

French win concession in Transatlantic trade negotiations.
Posted In: film, France

Court says deals to protect drug patents can be challenged

Makers of patented drugs sometimes pay generic drug makers not to copy their drugs when they go off patent, allowing them to keep charging high prices. The U.S. Supreme Court says the FTC can challenge such deals.
Posted In: drugs, patents, prescription

H-1B visas: Not always a magic bullet for employers

Tech companies bemoan H-1B no-shows and interview imposters.
Posted In: H-1B visas, Jobs

Tales from a Shanghai job fair: Why China's college grads, employers mismatched

The scale of China's higher education system has developed so fast, the country fails to produce graduates who have the right skills for companies operating in China.
Posted In: China, college grads, college graduate

Composting in New York: Lessons from the West Coast

Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants New York residents to set aside food scraps in a separate bin. Similar programs are already in place in San Francisco and Seattle.
Posted In: New York City, bloomberg, composting, compost

American Airlines legroom: How much is an inch worth?

American Airlines plans to make coach seats thinner and adjust the amount of legroom in some seats.
Posted In: Airlines, American Airlines, legroom

The case of the Super Bowl ring: Kraft says Putin pocketed it

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Russian President Vladimir Putin have differing stories about what happened to Kraft's Super Bowl ring.
Posted In: Vladimir Putin, Super Bowl

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