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European leaders are angry with Russia and say President Vladimir Putin should do more to rein in the Russian separatists in Ukraine suspected of being involved in bringing down flight MH17. We examine what sanctions it would take to persuade Russia to change course. Plus, TSA security fees on airline tickets are about to go up. We explain the math behind your ticket. Also, Whirlpool is threatening to leave the EnergyStar program, unless Congress grants immunity from class-action lawsuits. How healthy, and vulnerable, is this label now?

Breaking down the fees and taxes in a plane ticket

We explain the math behind your airline ticket as TSA security fees increase.
Posted In: airline fees, airplane, Travel, TSA
Orange Is The New Black

Orange really is the new black (and white)

A sheriff makes inmates wear striped uniforms after orange jumpsuits became chic.
Posted In: prison, fashion, netflix, television

Europeans weigh economic sanctions against Russia

What sanctions it would take to persuade Russia to change course.
Posted In: Russia, Crimea, ukraine, Putin, Malaysian Airlines

4 ideas from Nest CEO Tony Fadell

There are plenty of ideas floating around in Fadell's head, but here are four.
Posted In: Nest, Tony Fadell

Humans make a house for sale feel more like home

Straight out of "Arrested Development": Moving in real people helps homes sell.
Posted In: real estate, buying a home, staged homes, Arrested Development
Energy Star

EnergyStar keeps consumer trust, despite bumps

If Whirlpool pulls out, it's leaving behind a trusted brand.
Posted In: Congress, grants, brands, green-washing, EPA, GAO

Same-day delivery gains traction

For online retailers, replacing brick-and-mortar stores is a logistical problem.
Posted In: amazon fresh, Amazon, online shopping

Summer fun for future Fed chiefs? Maybe.

At Fed camp, kids play games about personal finance and build economic knowledge.
Posted In: summer, children, Fed, camp

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