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Heat waves in the Midwest are exacerbating rough drought conditions for the farming industry there. Meanwhile, storms in the east disrupted Amazon's data center and cloud service this weekend. Opponents of Obama's health care plan say that it will be the largest tax in the history of our country -- reporter Shereen Marisol Meraji does some fact-checking. Mexicans are hopeful its newly elected president and government will bring better times. And Tess Vigeland talks to Frank Partnoy, author of a new book that explores how slowing down in a fast-paced world can actually help with decision-making.

Why you should delay: The upsides to procrastination

Author Frank Partnoy on how slowing down in a fast-paced world can actually help with decision making.
Posted In: waiting, delay

The biggest tax increase since...1993?

Where the Affordable Care Act ranks in U.S. tax history.
Posted In: Taxes, Affordable Care Act, health care reform law

Farming in the hottest city in the country

Hill City, Kansas, has been seeing temperatures reach as high as 115 degrees for several days. Ace Billups, a farmer there, talks about the heat's impact on his business.
Posted In: farming, heat waves, Agriculture

Competition heads for the cloud

After a vicious storm knocks out some cloud computing services, competitors look to profit.
Posted In: Amazon, cloud computing

Respecting employees can boost bottom line

Commentator Teresa Amabile says overbearing supervisors can sap worker creativity.
Posted In: Work, employees, employers, working conditions

Mexicans hope new government brings better times

Mexico's youthful new president-elect belongs to a party that once oversaw stagnation. Mexicans hope things will be better this time around.
Posted In: Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto

Los Angeles police to use program to predict crimes

It's straight out of the Tom Cruise film, "Minority Report."
Posted In: lapd, Crime, police

A toxic legacy is fought out in court

A $25 billion lawsuit against a subsidiary of Anadarko, the giant oil and gas company, is about environmental pollution and bankruptcy. The tiny town of Avoca, Pa., one of the plaintiffs.
Posted In: Environment, Kerr-McGee, lawsuits, pollution

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