Marketplace for Monday, July 19, 2010

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Marketplace for Monday, July 19, 2010

Tech with Glamour for more ad sales

After months of dwindling ad sales, the magazine is looking a little brighter -- particularly for Glamour. The women's magazine reported a 57 percent jump in ad sales for its September issue compared to last year. Marketplace's Janet Babin looks into one big factor for the increase: The iPad.

Farm fields instead of battle fields

National guardsmen are learning how to take care of livestock and take soil samples in an effort to help Afghanis establish a stable livelihood, and perhaps better withstand pressures to work for the Taliban.
Posted In: Agriculture

Behind the U.S.'s security buildup

Kai Ryssdal talks with the Washington Post's Dana Priest about her series "Top Secret America," which she co-wrote with William M. Arkin, on the post-9/11 massive security buildup by the government.

Road Warriors: Dave Kirby

Spa and hair salon consultant Dave Kirby shares the songs that help him keep balanced when he's stuck in an airport when the weather throws his busy schedule off-course.
Posted In: Music

Over the hill but not in a rut

It's assumed that once you're over the hill, whatever toothpaste, soap or lipstick you're using, you're going to stick with it. But new data suggests that marketers should take a look at aging consumers, because they may be their next big market.

Not with Chrysler, but still has drive

Kai Ryssdal speaks to Dan Amaral, who used to own a Chrysler dealership, about his thoughts on Inspector General Neil Barofsky's report on the dealership closures.
Posted In: Auto

Dealership closures too fast, too soon?

Forcing GM and Chrysler to reduce the number of dealerships the companies had helped the companies become stronger, but may have a negative impact on communities where dealerships were a major employer.
Posted In: Auto, Jobs

Obama wants jobless benefit extension

An extension of unemployment benefits didn't make it into the financial reform bill, but President Obama wants his Republican colleagues to consider an extension of benefits again -- but will it be the stimulus the economy needs?
Posted In: Jobs

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