Marketplace for Monday July 14, 2014

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The markets are near record levels and individual investors who have sat out until now are belatedly joining in, an indication that the real money has already been made. But where else is there to invest in our zero-interest world? That’s one big reason the markets are so high. Also, those debt-settlement scam artists who promise to help you get out of credit card debt have found a new target—students having trouble paying off their loans. Illinois becomes the first state to crack down on them today. We look at the business, and how widespread the problem is. And finally, Swiss chocolate company Lindt is buying Russell Stover. That brings up a lot for some people.

Lindt Chocolate just snapped up Russell Stover

But how exactly do companies find each other? And, is it love?
Posted In: chocolate, Mergers and Acquisitions, candy

How tough is it to sell steel?

Delaware Steel President Lisa Goldenberg says she's hopeful for a better year.
Posted In: steel, imports, jobs market

Giant African snails seized at Los Angeles airport

Customs officials seized a live shipment of the animals which can carry disease.
Posted In: animals, enviroment, Health, customs

When is joining a bull market asking for trouble?

People who sat out the years-long bull market are joining in. Is that a bad sign?
Posted In: bull market, Investing, economic growth

Payback time for student-loan scams?

The Illinois Attorney General claims debt-settlement companies fleeced students
Posted In: student loans, News

Why is going to get a CEO

Officials hope a new manager can help avoid a rerun of last year's website fiasco.
Posted In: Health care and insurance, ACA, Affordable Care Act, Sylvia Burwell

LA Smog: the battle against air pollution

How can the Chinese live with terrible air pollution? One answer: Americans did.
Posted In: China, los angeles, smog, history, air pollution

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