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European leaders are upset with the U.S. over allegations that it spied on its European allies. Discussions of an EU-U.S. trade pact that are due to start soon could be threatened. Plus, the high heat in the Western U.S. means many economic challenges.

James Patterson books continue to pile up

James Patterson releases his 108th and 109th book and has no plans to slow down.
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Europe angry about spying -- but enough to jeopardize a trade pact?

Recent revelations about the U.S. bugging European embassies have left some EU lawmakers furious -- apparently. But some argue that eavesdropping is ubiquitous and say that all will be forgotten in the cause of free trade.
Posted In: spying, trade

Egyptian protests hurt small businesses

Egyptian business owners are hurting -- especially those who depend on tourist income.
Posted In: Egypt, Cairo

Lumber mills buzzing again in Louisiana

Louisiana manufacturers that produce lumber plan to reopen and expand factories, as nationwide housing market shows steady recovery.
Posted In: lumber, Louisiana

Tornado watch: Revisiting Oklahoma's tragedy

Checking in on a small business owner who lost her office in the tornado that hit Moore, Okla.
Posted In: oklahoma, tornado, Small Business

Local newspapers are dead; long live local TV

The Tribune Co. has agreed to pay $2.7 billion for 19 local TV stations.
Posted In: media, newspapers, journalism, local news, radio

High temps hurt economy, outside of Death Valley

What’s the temperature tolerance to fly a plane? At what degree point does the power grid start shutting down?
Posted In: weather, Phoenix, what's the temperature, how hot is it, Heat

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