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Bank of America has reached a $10 billion loan settlement with Fannie Mae. Disney Parks and Resorts will begin to issue “MagicBands” to visitors, which will replace things like room keys and tickets and will track the movement and behavior of guests. A new smartphone is hitting the market -- it’s called Ray and is designed for the blind. NASA is looking to lease its old shuttle facilities. In the late night TV show wars, Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno will start their shows one minute apart. So what’s the value of starting a show a minute or two before the competitor? Meanwhile, commentator Beth Teitell says spoiler-free TV is getting harder to find.

The bitter pill of globalization

A robust global economy spreads wealth -- and pandemics like the flu, SARS, even the plague.
Posted In: Health, disease

A user's guide to Basel

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision made some significant changes to the financial rules of the road today.
Posted In: Banks, Basel

'Downton Abbey' and the spoiler problem

Commentator Beth Teitell talks about the spoiler problem with T.V dramas.
Posted In: tv, Entertainment

Banks settle again, homeowners to get relief

In a costly day of legal settlements, 10 banks agree to pay $8.5 billion to four million homeowners for mishandling their foreclosures.
Posted In: Bank of America, Banks, foreclosure, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

NASA looks to lease old shuttle facility

NASA looks to find new uses for defunct space center.
Posted In: NASA, real estate

Building a better smartphone for blind users

A team of developers in Israel are set to debut a smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show with an interface designed for blind users.
Posted In: Consumer Electronics Show, blind, disabled, smartphone

Disney creates the happiest data mine on earth

Come spring, Disney World visitors will wear special bracelets that let the company track just about everything they do
Posted In: disney

In late-night TV showdown, what's a minute worth?

Half a billion dollars of advertising is at stake in what is now a three-way competition among Jay Leno, Dave Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel. One show's response to Kimmel's challenge: shave a minute off its start time.
Posted In: television, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, late night talk shows

Congressman blocks trillion-dollar coin idea

Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden has introduced a bill outlawing trillion-dollar debt-paying platinum coins.
Posted In: debt ceiling

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