Marketplace for Monday, January 31, 2011

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Marketplace for Monday, January 31, 2011

What to take away from Davos

Economy 4.0 correspondent David Brancaccio talks with Bob Moon about what came out of the deliberations at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year and whether the economic unrest in Egypt detracted from the conference.

The possibility of an Internet shutdown in the U.S.

The Internet shutdown in Egypt got some wondering how possible it would be to accomplish here in the U.S., and how that could happen.
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Growing food, fuel shortages add to discontent in Egypt

New York Times reporter Nick Kulish talks with Bob Moon about how food and fuel shortages in Egypt may exacerbate its problems and whether that will lead to any backlash.

Egypt unrest sparks global instability fears

Unrest in Egypt raise medium-term fears for oil supplies. But for now, the markets are be taking the threat to regional stability in their stride.
Posted In: Oil

Charlie Sheen's woes halt CBS hit show -- again

Sheen's return to rehab forces CBS to suspend production of "Two and a Half Men." But the profitable comedy has a knack for survival.
Posted In: Entertainment

Chrysler foresees profit in 2011

Defying skeptics, Chrysler narrowed its losses in 2010 and predicts a net profit this year with new models and Fiat's leadership.
Posted In: Auto

Latin American workers return home

The global economic crisis dried up jobs in the U.S. and Europe, forcing many Latin American workers to return to their home countries.
Posted In: Immigration, Jobs

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