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Tomorrow, the President will announce that several major corporations have signed a pledge not to discriminate against the unemployed in hiring decisions.  There are practical and psychological reasons that may work against the long- term unemployed: So what are the counter-arguments for hiring them? Plus, on news of New York teachers coming out against the Common Core, we take a look at the controversial curriculum standards, and what happens next. Finally, lots of tech startups aspire to get bought out by a larger company. If you dream of a bid by Google, what must you offer? Hint: A genius-founder never hurts.

Unrest overseas ripples into U.S. economy

The currency markets overseas economies took a tumble on Friday. Here's why the United States should keep an eye out -- but not worry too much.
Posted In: currency

Is grad school "professional suicide"?

Consultant Karen Kelsky says a change in school funding is leaving many grad students buried under a pile of insurmountable debt.
Posted In: Graduate school

Who's Gideon?

And why does he leave Bibles in my hotel rooms?
Posted In: hotels, Christianity, Bibles

Why would you hire the long-term unemployed? Why not?

We expect the President to ask companies to pledge to hire the unemployed. But some hiring managers see a potential risk in hiring someone who's been out of work for a long time.
Posted In: unemployement, long-term unemployed, State of the Union

Google's start-up turn-ons: Intelligence, pushing limits and changing the world

If a start-up hopes to get Google's attention, there are a few essentials. First, be brilliant.
Posted In: Google, acquisitions, internet of things, ai, artificial intelligence

Trouble for the Common Core

New York teachers have come out swinging against the Common Core. What's next for the controversial curriculum standards?
Posted In: Education, common core

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