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Research in Motion's new CEO starts today -- can he bring the BlackBerry back to dominance? European leaders have announced an oil embargo; they're not going to buy Iranian crude or products made from it. Commentator Jose Arreola shares what it's like to live day-to-day when you're undocumented. And in our latest installment of Food for 9 Billion, reporter Sam Eaton travels to the Philippines to see how they're dealing with the challenges of feeding a population that's growing exponentially.

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Philippines: Too many mouths?

Rapid population growth tests the Philippines’ ability to feed itself. And spurs a rethink on one of the globe's most controversial issues.
Posted In: philippines, Food

Secret keeps man on margins of the economy

But a decision on routes during a road trip forced Jose Arreola to reveal it to a friend.
Posted In: My Life Is True, Immigration

State of the Union: Obama to accentuate the positive

Tomorrow night's State of the Union address will ride recent, positive economic news and offer job training, education programs.
Posted In: State of the Union, Barack Obama

Research In Motion picks new CEO

Thorsten Heins takes over the troubled company as it battles its way back against Apple and Google.
Posted In: Research in Motion, Blackberry

Now available: The Ron Paul action figure

You can get either Commander-in-Chief Ron Paul or Superman Ron Paul.
Posted In: Ron Paul, super PAC

Why Saul Alinsky matters in the 2012 election

Newt Gingrich talks a lot about labor activist Saul Alinsky. Who was this figure in modern American community organizing?
Posted In: Saul Alinsky, Newt Gingrich, 2012 election

EU, U.S. announce tougher sanctions on Iran

The hope is further isolation by freezing assets and penalizing the banks that do business with Iran.
Posted In: Oil, Iran, sanctions

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