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The inauguration managed to get its own mobile app this year; Politico's Steve Freiss talks about why technology often falls behind of the times. Meanwhile, Barack Obama's Obama for America campaign group -- database, volunteers and all -- is now turning into a nonprofit. Young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong are updating the tailoring business there. The building material that made for colorful countertops decades ago -- Formica -- could be making a green comeback. And Jim Burress reports on how a bakery, a college and a streetcar line that could change the economic fortunes of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s old Atlanta neighborhood.

Obama uses campaign machine to push agenda

President Obama will use a deep campaign database and volunteer network in a new nonprofit. Some are concerned because it can take corporate money.
Posted In: Obama campaign, Immigration, budget, Barack Obama, campaign, nonprofit

Young entrepreneurs reinvigorate Hong Kong tailoring

Hong Kong tailoring has long had a reputation for quality but many of the tailors were old and their premises old-fashioned. Now a new breed of young clothing entrepreneurs is shaking things up.
Posted In: tailor, menswear, suits, fashion, hong kong

Born on Inauguration Day: Where we go from here

People born on Inauguration Days past talk about how it's affected their lives and how American has changed in their lifetimes.
Posted In: inauguration

Formica: Coming to a table near you?

That staple of '50s kitchen counter tops is being embraced by young architects as a green alternative to stone.
Posted In: formica, green building, green, home decor

Inauguration goes social with first smartphone app

Politico's senior technology reporter Steve Friess says if you look to the past, inaugurations have never really been a showcase for technology.
Posted In: inauguration, smartphone, app

Arcade veteran seeks to be pinball wizard

Video may have killed the pinball machine, but arcade veteran Jack Guarnieri aims to give it new life.
Posted In: pinball, games, video games

MLK's old neighborhood seeks economic comeback

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s old Atlanta neighborhood, Sweet Auburn, was once one of the more prosperous African-American neighborhoods, but it has since fallen on hard times. Now it is trying to make a comeback.
Posted In: Martin Luther King Jr., Atlanta, African American

Library jokes it'll move Lance Armstrong books to fiction section

A part-time staff member at an Australian library set up a prank sign stating that all the non-fiction Lance Armstrong books would be moved to the fiction section.
Posted In: lance armstrong, jokes

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