Marketplace for Monday, January 20, 2014

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What do traders and market-watchers do when some major global markets, like Wall Street, close and others remain open? Only a small number of uninsured people have signed up through the government healthcare exchanges so far. What will that mean for the future of the ACA? Wish you had Fridays off? Malaysia’s southern state of Johor is making Friday officially part of the weekend. The unintended consequences of using chemicals to kill rats, and a look at the latest technology that can help job seekers and employers find their perfect match.

Cheap seats anything but at the Super Bowl

Have $2500 to spare? Might we suggest sitting on the last row at the Super Bowl?
Posted In: Sports, football, Super Bowl, tickets, things that are really really expensive

The food chain of rodenticide

Most people would be happy to get rid of rat problems, but that can lead to effects on other wildlife, too.
Posted In: wildlife

Who's enrolling for health insurance? Not the uninsured

Our health reporter Dan Gorenstein looks at why it matters.
Posted In: ACA, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, uninsured

The history of coal as a brand

Coal may be synonymous with pollution but as coal historian Barbara Freese found, that wasn’t always the case.
Posted In: coal, brand, pollution

Johor in Malaysia moves weekends to Friday and Saturday

Malaysia’s southern state of Johor is starting their weekends a day early; what this could mean for foreign investment.
Posted In: Malaysia, weekends

If the DOW is closed for a holiday and no one is around to trade, does it still make a sound?

What happens when some major global markets close for a holiday and others remain open?
Posted In: stock market prices, holiday etiquette

Open for business on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

How businesses observe Martin Luther King Day has changed over time.
Posted In: Martin Luther King Jr., holidays, human resources, employment

Looking for a job? How new tech is helping companies find potential employees

A look at the latest technology that can help job seekers and employers find their perfect match.
Posted In: Unemployment

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