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The Iowa caucuses are not only a big deal politically, but financially to the state as well. New economic data about manufacturing activity around the world show things may be turning around. At the start of 2012, eight states increased their minimum wage to keep pace with inflation, and the small change could make a big impact. The sports channel Versus rebranded as the NBC Sports Network today. We also look into how music and sound affect the workplace, how managing weight and finances are similar, and what's behind job-hunt success.

NBC Sports Network a new opponent for ESPN

Comcast gets into the lucrative business of round-the-clock sports programming.
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What's behind a job-hunt success

Nearly half of the unemployed have been looking for six months or longer. For every available job right now, there are more than four people fighting for it. But someone's getting it, right? So what accounts for the winners?
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Controlling your weight, and your finances

There's a lot in common with money management and losing weight. Robert Brokamp, a certified financial planner, walks us through how he lost 25 pounds -- and why the same approaches work for paying off debt.
Posted In: New Years, weight loss, Personal Finance

Iowa caucus 2012: The economic upside goes beyond restaurant tips

Presidential candidates and their teams spend a lot of money every four years in Iowa, from pizza delivery to TV ads. But the long-term economic benefits are what really matters to the state.
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What we hear can affect how we work

Sound plays a large role in our overall health. And whether your an office drone or factory worker, different types of music can help or hurt your performance.
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U.S. auto industry almost back to healthy in 2011

Detroit sold nearly 13 million cars and trucks last year.
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For 2012, "cautious" optimism abounds

Today's data on global manufacturing was better than expected. Combine that with slightly better numbers on unemployment and housing last month, and analysts think the economy is, well, better.
Posted In: Purchasing Managers Index, economic indicators

Minimum wage raise for lowest paid

Eight states raised the minimum wage on Jan. 1. For one worker on the receiving end, it's the difference of being able to buy toothpaste.
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