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Despite S&P's credit downgrade of several European countries, markets reacted with a collective... meh. We tell you why. Plus, we look at minority unemployment and see how the Occupy movement is weathering the winter. And if you've gone shopping recently, did you end up purchasing more than you wanted to? A behavior science professor explains why that happens.

In Kenya, U.S. aid groups focus their efforts

Kenya has received international aid for years, but life remains bleak for many. Donors are getting smarter about how to channel their giving.
Posted In: Kenya, foreign aid

How much should I spend? Well, show me a number first.

Behavioral economist Nick Epley at the University of Chicago tells us what "price anchoring" is -- and how numbers influence our judgment.
Posted In: psychology, spending, advertising

Occupy Wall Street continues

Police sweeps have closed Occupy Wall Street camps in a growing number of major cities. But the Occupy movement is still active.
Posted In: Occupy Wall Street

Businesses eyeing payroll tax cut extension

Businesses want to attach tax credits to the payroll tax extension bill.
Posted In: payroll tax, Taxes

Unemployment rate higher in minority communities

Dig deeper into the unemployment numbers and you'll find some groups are not seeing improvement in their work lives.
Posted In: Jobs, Unemployment, minority unemployment

What the S&P downgrades mean for Europe

Europe correspondent Stephen Beard discusses why the European markets remained pretty steady despite the credit downgrades of several European countries, and why we ought to worry about the Greek debt talks collapsing.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Eurozone, downgrade, Greek debt

Zappos hacked

The online shoe giant has notified some of its 24 million customers that its site has been hacked.
Posted In: zappos, hacking

To pay for school, one undergrad makes a fateful decision.

Commentator Alejandra Bautista-Landin reflects on the decision that changed her life and where she's come since.
Posted In: My Life Is True

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