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Target took weeks to reveal details of its data breach. Neiman Marcus, too. How do companies decide whether and how to reveal details of data breaches to the public? Next, we look at the updated situation in West Virginia, as residents question whether their water is safe just days after a chemical leak.  Finally, we begin our new series that answers your economic questions, like "Why does one rotisserie chicken cost less than two chicken breasts?" and "Why do hotels give you a sewing kit, but not a toothbrush?" Today we examine why your zipper probably has three letters on it: YKK.

Wall Street says, 'No, really -- take Sunday off.'

Bank of American and other Wall Street firms asked their junior employees to start taking Sundays off.
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Obamacare stats show some young folks signed up

The federal government announced that nearly 2 million people enrolled for health insurance through the federal and state exchanges in December.
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Seahawks ticket sales banned in California

The Seattle Seahawks have set up a defense to prevent 49er fans from buying tickets to this weekend's game.
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China's record-smashing car sales could run into cloud of pollution

The big auto show in Detroit is underway and the hottest car market is China.
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What it feels like to drive 60 miles for a shower

The ban on tap water was lifted for a small small chunk of West Virginia today.
Posted In: Elk River

Disappearing jobs: organ grinders

In Mexico, sounds of the organ grinder are fading away.
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Bridge-gate aside, traffic studies do not stop traffic

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently fired two of his top advisers for their involvement in closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge under the guise of a traffic study.
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Neiman Marcus, like Target, reveals credit card hack

How do companies decide whether and how to reveal details of data breaches to the public?
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Why does my zipper say YKK?

Next time you zip up, or zip down, check out your zipper. There’s a good chance it’ll say YKK.
Posted In: YKK, zipper

10 amazing zipper facts you didn't know you wanted to know

Important things you need to know about the $8 billion zipper industry.
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