Marketplace for Monday, Jan. 5, 2009

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Marketplace for Monday, Jan. 5, 2009

The problems with a fiscal stimulus

As Congressional leaders meet to discuss Obama's new stimulus package, many people are questioning what should be included. But commentator Tyler Cowen questions whether a fiscal stimulus is the best way out of a bad economy.

Eating green saves workplace green

Having a salad instead of a cheeseburger for lunch is a choice some companies want their employees to make. To promote healthy living and save money, companies are subsidizing the costs of more nutritious meals. Shia Levitt reports.
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When people cheat on Wall Street

Does endlessly hearing about the likes of Bernie Madoff affect everyone else's sense of right and wrong? Kai Ryssdal speaks with behavioral economist Dan Ariely, who's been doing some research into that topic.
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Panel questions how SEC missed Madoff

The Securities and Exchange Commission came under scrutiny today at a hearing of a House committee exploring how Bernard Madoff got away with his Ponzi scheme, even after the SEC had been warned about him. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Laws do little to curtail sex slavery

Of all the slaves in the world, about 4% are sex slaves. Yet, they account for an estimated 40% of all slave-trade profits. Kai Ryssdal takes a look at the problem with Siddarth Kara, who has written a book about the business of sex trafficking.

Slumping automakers spend less on ads

Automakers facing continued slow sales are expected to spend less on advertising in 2009. That's going to cause problems for the ad industry, which relies on car companies as its biggest customers. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Property taxes on the rise

Home values may be falling, but property taxes are up. As Jeremy Hobson reports, the rise in taxes has some angry homeowners calling for a cap.
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Obama's stimulus plan seeks tax cuts

President-elect Barack Obama made the rounds on Capitol Hill today to drum up support for his $750 billion stimulus package. The plan contains a big change from earlier proposals -- a call for $300 billion in tax cuts. John Dimsdale reports.

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