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Greece was supposed to come up with a cost-cutting austerity plan today; London Bureau Chief Stephen Beard explains what happened instead. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is the first major business leader to join a campaign in support of same-sex marriage. There's some backlash from Facebook users over the company's recently announced IPO. Economy 4.0's David Brancaccio reports on "elder financial abuse," and the BBC's Justin Rowlatt talks about deforestation in the Amazon.

Stealing from the old

Call it "elder financial abuse," the largely unreported crime claims hundreds of thousands of victims each year.
Posted In: elderly, Crime

Wall Street CEO takes rare lead on social issue

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who faced PR battles during the financial crisis, emerges as a national spokesman for gay marriage.
Posted In: Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, Wall Street

Facebook users want their share

Last week's Facebook IPO has many users questioning why the social network can make so much money off of their user data.
Posted In: Facebook, IPO, web privacy

Efforts pay off in fighting deforestation in Brazil

The Brazilian government has ramped up efforts to stop deforestation in the Amazon. So far, it seems to be slowly working.
Posted In: Amazon, brazil, rainforest, deforestation

Letters: Carrots and sticks, Google searches

Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: Depressing news when unemployment is down, correcting the carrot-and-stick idiom, and what Google's auto-complete feature reveals about ourselves.
Posted In: letters

Are we still a land of 'meat and potatoes?'

Commentator Mark Bittman says for many, beef is no longer what's for dinner.
Posted In: meat, Food

Iran bans 'Simpsons' dolls

Barbie isn't allowed either.
Posted In: The Simpsons, Iran

When is the real deadline for Greece?

Greece was on deadline to deliver a cost-cutting plan to the IMF and EU last week, this past weekend and today. Now, the deadline has been extended. When might the country default?
Posted In: Greece, greek bailout, austerity, Greek debt

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