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In the first in a series of profiles about disappearing professions, a film projectionist says his predecessors had promised him a life-long career. As the Dow Jones Industrial Average hovers near 14,000 points, Mark Garrison reminds us that good news is often scary. A digital advertising director talks about whether Twitter ads during the Super Bowl might have delivered more bang for the buck than the flashy spots on TV. Smart security cameras aren't only capturing you as you walk into a store -- they're capturing your data too. And Dan Bobkoff reports on a school in New York experimenting with paying its teachers very, very well.

Can money buy good teachers?

One charter school in Manhattan is banking on high teacher salaries leading to higher student achievement.
Posted In: Education, teachers

A Hollywood job fades to black: Film projectionist

As movies go digital, a film projectionist talks about how it feels to be one of the last of his kind.
Posted In: film, movie, Jobs

When stores, and credit firms, watch you shop

Retailers used to keep tabs on shoppers to prevent theft. Now they’re using various technologies to study shoppers so they can increase sales.
Posted In: shopping, tracking, Retail

The Oreo Super Bowl tweet: 'Lightning in a bottle'

Oreo's use of Twitter during the Super Bowl was well played, but not easily duplicated.
Posted In: Super Bowl, Twitter

Why many Americans are sitting out stock surge

With stocks back at pre-financial crisis levels, some small investors are stepping gingerly back into the market. With encouraging corporate and economic news, why the hesitance?
Posted In: Dow, stock market

McDonald's expands menu with a Fish Mc...

The fast-food chain offers Fish McBites, with fewer calories and certification that the fish is caught sustainably.
Posted In: McDonald's, sustainability, Food, fast food, fish

Financial crisis fallout: Justice Department set to charge S&P

Reports say the U.S. Department of Justice is preparing to bring civil charges against the credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's for their part in the financial crisis of 2008. Better late than never?
Posted In: Standard & Poor's, financial crisis

Americans spend 4% of household income on gasoline

The Energy Department said today the average American household now spends $2,900 a year on gas.
Posted In: gasoline

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