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The founder of Barnes & Noble wants to buy back the company’s 700 remaining bookstores. With federal budget cuts expected to trigger by the end of the week,  we run through the consequences -- which may not be as nightmarish as predicted. David Gura takes a look at Pete Peterson, the billionaire who's spent millions of dollars, over decades, campaigning for a long-term solution to the national debt. Do rising gas and food prices prove inflation is alive and well? We hear about why you might expect to see more robots in your doctor's office in the future. And music producer Clive Davis discusses his autobiography, "The Soundtrack of My Life."

Forget WebMD. Hello, Robot, M.D.

Could robots be the next medical revolution?
Posted In: robot, medical care, doctors, Watson

Clive Davis writes his own soundtrack

From Haight-Ashbury to hip-hop, the legendary record producer looks back on 50 years of music.
Posted In: Entertainment, Music, music industry, Clive Davis

Same proportion of Mexicans and Americans wants life abroad

A recent Gallup poll indicates that the same percentage of Americans and Mexicans want to live abroad -- 11 percent of respondents. What are the attractions of life someplace else?
Posted In: Mexico, emigration

Why would anyone want to buy a bookstore?

Ask the chairman of Barnes and Noble, who may offer to buy out the bookstore chain -- but not the digital Nook.
Posted In: Barnes & Noble, bookstore

If inflation is zero, why does my paycheck feel like it's shrinking?

According to the current Consumer Price Index, the inflation rate is zero percent. But for many people, their cost of living doesn't reflect the data's averages.
Posted In: inflation

Pete Peterson's long campaign against the national debt

The former Commerce Secretary and financier has warned of danger from the nation's long-term debt for years, and financed a campaign to address it.
Posted In: debt, budget deficit, deficit-cutting, Pete Peterson

The sequester: 'More like The Blob than Frankenstein'

The automatic budget cuts won't happen all at once.
Posted In: sequester, sequestration

London mayor calls lawmakers 'great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies'

The notoriously outspoken Boris Johnson was surprised that lawmakers in the London Assembly had no questions about a major budget cut.
Posted In: Boris Johnson, London

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