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On this President's Day holiday, we explore whether it's legal to use images of presidents for commercial purposes. Are you planning to eat some potatoes today? The state of Idaho is worried about knock-off potatoes, specifically from Turkey. Plus, we look at India's gun market, why it's so hard to refinance student loans, and how robots may steal our manufacturing jobs. Also, what would it take to get you to leave some change in the tip jar? A strategy to get people to leave that extra dollar.

Why President's Day sales don't picture Ronald Reagan

Did you spot any sales using presidents to hawk their wares? Ever wonder if that's... legal?
Posted In: marketing, presidents

Turkish firm moves to trademark Idaho's state name

It may sound like a Thanksgiving dinner food fight, but it's actually a serious battle over knock-offs. Potato-proud Idaho is fighting against Turkey, the country.
Posted In: turkey, idaho, potatoes, trademark

A robot for every job

How one little robot named Baxter could take over the last of America's manufacturing jobs.
Posted In: robots

Baristas take note! How to get more money in your tip jar

Every shop seems to have its own way of soliciting tips at the counter. But there might be only really good way to earn those extra dollars.
Posted In: tips, tipping

The trouble with refinancing a student loan

So why can't students cash in on these crazy low interest rates, anyway?
Posted In: student loans, refinancing, student debt

The economic benefits of mapping the human brain

President Obama wants to fund a project to look at how brain activity works. A decade of research could help create new devices and procedures.
Posted In: brain

In India, gun control is tight -- but the black market thrives

India is the world's second largest market for guns after the U.S. Gun control in India is tight, but the black market in arms flourishes. Some 85 percent of guns owned are illegally owned.
Posted In: India, guns

The lasting economic legacy of Lakers' owner Jerry Buss

L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss died today after battling cancer. He led the Lakers to 10 league championships and was also an innovative businessman.
Posted In: Lakers

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