Marketplace for Monday, February 17, 2014

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It’s cold in some places and hot in others and that does funny things to tan lines, foliage and the economy. Plus: Without regulation, the rail industry has resorted to using pricing to impact how oil and natural gas are delivered by train. And: A check-in on the fifth year of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act, iPads in schools, and those sleeved NBA jerseys.

Since when do NBA players wear sleeves?

Is the extra cloth just extra space for advertisers?
Posted In: NBA, jerseys

The French are eating a lot more hamburgers

One in two sandwiches sold in France is a hamburger. Presumably with French fries.
Posted In: France, McDonald's, McDonalds

Why is our banking system so far behind?

In U.S., it takes days for a bank payment to clear. In foreign countries, it happens in seconds.
Posted In: bank, online banking

Rail companies push for newer oil tank cars to reduce accidents

Without mandatory regulation, the railroad industry looks to pricing as way to encourage safety.
Posted In: Oil tank cars, railroads, Norfolk Southern

iPads + schools = a business opportunity?

Race to the tablet: The cautionary tale of L.A. schools' iPad program
Posted In: iPad, classrooms, L.A.

Winter economic slowdown? Not for Campbell's soup

Winter weather is mostly a drag on the economy, but a few businesses love it
Posted In: weather, winter

Economic indicators: weird weather edition

Marketplace Datebook for February 18, 2014
Posted In: snow, sahara desert

How well did the stimulus work?

Lessons on the fifth anniversary of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Posted In: economic recovery, stimulus, Barack Obama

Getting grads to build more start-ups

Why it could be the best decision for college grads... and America.
Posted In: start-ups

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