Marketplace for Monday, December 6, 2010

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Marketplace for Monday, December 6, 2010

The "predatory" marketing of prepaid debit cards

A new trend in the credit card world are prepaid debit cards backed by celebrities and aimed at teenagers, with marketing that claims to help teach teens about smart credit use. But critics have called the debit cards "predatory" for their fees. Bob Moon talks to Connecticut's Attorney General Richard Blumenthal about what it all means.

Google enters ebooks market

The search engine giant began selling ebooks online today, putting it in direct competition with other major Internet booksellers like Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble. And the rivalry could become a real page turner, reports Janet Babin.
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U.S.-South Korea trade pact good for U.S. jobs

The United States and South Korea reached a significant free-trade deal this weekend that will increase U.S. exports by billions of dollars and support tens of thousands of U.S. jobs.
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Printing error puts new $100 bill on hold

A printing error on the new high-tech U.S. $100 bill has left blank spots on an estimated third of the 1.1 billion bills already printed, and it could cost the government millions of dollars.

The political horse trading over tax cuts and jobless benefits

Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer takes a look at the compromise over Bush-era tax cuts and unemployment benefits. The negotiations may even have an impact on the 2012 presidential elections.
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U.K. housing benefit cut may change London's social diversity

Britain has had to make some difficult cuts to their budget, and one of them is to cut the government housing benefit. The cut may have the consequence of changing where the rich and poor live.
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Mexico's incentives to become a greener country

Don't be fooled by the water-hungry golf courses and energy-intensive resorts in Cancun. Mexico has serious reasons to become more environmentally-friendly. Marketplace's Eve Troeh reports.
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