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The leaders of Germany and France are meeting to discuss a solution to the euro crisis. Commentator Liaquat Ahamed says it's slow growth that created the financial crisis in Italy and Greece. Asian countries have managed to steer clear of trouble so far. Pollution in China is making its way to the U.S. The role of alternative energy is changing in some economies. The U.S. Postal Service says budget cuts will cause some mail delays. Insider trader Raj Rajaratnam reports to prison today. And are you ready to start watching TV on an Xbox?

Germany, France moot tougher EU budget rules

Merkel and Sarkozy propose amending the European Union treaty to impose budget discipline on spendthrift countries. Will markets be satisfied?
Posted In: Eurozone, Europe debt crisis

How Asia sees Europe's debt crisis

Over the past decade, Asia has grown more powerful economically, but the woes of a major export destination and finance source worry the Asians.
Posted In: China, business, green

U.S. Post Office to cut $3 billion

The Post Office will slow first-class delivery next spring to save money and help avoid bankruptcy. That will affect people and businesses who still rely on mail.
Posted In: Postal Service, usps

Raj Rajaratnam reports to prison

The former billionaire hedge fund manager convicted of insider trading reports to prison today. It isn't so cushy at Club Fed anymore, as more upscale federal prisons used to be called.
Posted In: Raj Rajaratnam, Wall Street, insider trading

The surprising new energy reality

Despite the stalling of global climate pollution talks, a new energy landscape is emerging.
Posted In: green, renewable energy

China exports pollution, too

Bad smog in Beijing is costing the U.S. billions.
Posted In: China, smog, air pollution

Is it too late for the euro?

The leaders of Germany and France met today to figure out a strategy to bail out the Euro. Is it too late?
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, euro, bailout

Eurozone on watch for S&P downgrade

But it could be a good thing for the debt crisis there.
Posted In: downgrade, S&P

Xbox adds new on-demand content

What on-demand video could mean the Xbox means for the future of TV and home entertainment.
Posted In: tv, xbox, Microsoft, kinect, artificial intelligence

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