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The fiscal cliff deadline is tonight -- we go over what will and will not happen if a deal isn't reached by midnight. We look at whether earmarks are to blame. Sarah Gardner talks to an unemployed steelworker about what happens to him if unemployment benefits expire on Jan. 1st. The Pentagon is preparing to notify its entire civilian workforce about furloughs they will encounter if the U.S. goes over the fiscal cliff. Meanwhile, getting consumers to “go green” has proven harder than marketers anticipated. And FEMA is still trying to figure out which damaged or destroyed properties to buy from Hurricane Irene.

Social media impostors make real money

Author Philip Roth's recent tweets were fake, but some celebrity spoofs have turned into profitable ventures.
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Unemployed workers watching, worrying about fiscal cliff

Richard Crowe, an unemployed former steelworker living in Ohio, talks about what it's been like searching for a job and what he would do when unemployment benefits expire tomorrow.
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Pentagon prepares for cuts -- cliff or no cliff

Defense contractors are already cutting back as the war in Afghanistan winds down.
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Would 'earmarks' have helped fiscal cliff talks?

'Bridges to Nowhere' and other pork-barrel spending used to be the grease for deal-making in Congress.
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Do fired NFL coaches suffer much financially?

Terminated NFL coaches often resurface elsewhere in the league... along with a fat paycheck.
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The delicate task of marketing 'green'

Take toilet paper -- please. People who don't automatically buy the greenest product available have to be persuaded toilet paper that's not white is just as good as what they're used to.
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Vermonters still awaiting FEMA money

More than a year after Hurricane Irene devastated much of Vermont, many homeowners are still waiting on federal relief money.
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French court says au revoir to 75% tax on wealthy

The high court in France has rejected President Francois Hollande's controversial 75 percent tax on millionaires.
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