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The holiday season is for giving but the National Retail Federation expects shoppers to spend up to 20 percent of their holiday budget on themselves. The American Psychiatric Association has said compulsive hoarding should now be classified as a mental illness. Bank of America has announced that it will delay debit card fees again. Five states are extending their school year with hopes of boosting student achievement in the U.S. Felix Salmon from Reuters explains the Argentine sovereign debt situation and why it has been taken to court. And we hear about how one professional baseball player has written a provision in his contract to protect himself from the fiscal cliff.

Bank of America backs off fees, again

After reversing a plan last year to charge a monthly fee for debit cards, Bank of America reportedly is delaying new checking account fees.
Posted In: Bank of America, checking account, fees

Can the U.S. 'foreclose' on Argentina?

What recourse do creditors have when a sovereign nation decides not to pay its debt? A case study on that question is playing out in U.S. courts.
Posted In: Argentina, sovereign debt, bonds, debt

Cracking the codes of the new bible of mental disorders

An updated version of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual could mean new winners and losers in the healthcare industry.
Posted In: hoarding, disorders

Schools try longer days, academic years

The program is an effort to give low-income students access to after-school-type activities.
Posted In: teachers, Education

Fiscal cliff nears for baseball players, too

The curious case of BJ Upton, baseball and the fiscal cliff.
Posted In: Sports, baseball, athletes, fiscal cliff

Study: A hotter climate is pretty much baked in

As another U.N. climate change summit goes on in Doha, a new study of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere says current levels nearly guarantee a nearly four-degree increase in global temperatures.
Posted In: climate, climate change, UN climate conference

The perfect gift for that perfect person: You

Buying gifts for yourself while shopping for others is a growing holiday tradition, encouraged by retailers. Just don't carry it too far.
Posted In: gifts, gift giving

Mexico's new president faces many challenges

Enrique Peña Nieto is now officially the country's new president, but he must tackle internal opponents and systemic issues of corruption and cronyism.
Posted In: Enrique Peña Nieto, Gulf of Mexico

Using social media in the bathroom

A third of 18- to 24-year-olds do.
Posted In: Twitter, Facebook, social media

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