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On this day after Christmas, the retail rush gets its final push with deep discounts for shoppers. Two families, from two different economic backgrounds, talk about how they spent their Christmas. We look back at the year in Washington and its gridlock. Simon Johnson, an economist at MIT, talks about global recessions. Hackers allegedly stole a bunch of credit card data but are promising to give all the money it steals to charity. And we look at the economic divide in Silicon Valley.

Recession: Where the local is the global

Economist Simon Johnson at MIT on whether all recessions will have global implications going forward.
Posted In: global recession

How did you spend Christmas?

Two families, from two different economic backgrounds, on how they spent one of the biggest holidays of the year.
Posted In: Christmas

2011 in review: Washington's politics

Two words: Congressional gridlock.
Posted In: Congress, 2011

The economic divide in Silicon Valley

While some high-tech entrepreneurs are becoming billionaires in Silicon Valley, many of their neighbors outside of the tech community are struggling to find jobs and get by.
Posted In: Silicon Valley

2011: The year not about the U.S.

Looking back on this year's biggest news, the U.S. wasn't a major player -- and that's probably a good thing.
Posted In: 2011

Final retail rush kicks off today

Ten percent to 15 percent of holiday sales occur in the week after Christmas. Discounting is deep this year.
Posted In: Retail, Christmas

An “Anonymous” attack, a hacker spat

Hackers stole credit card info from a company in Texas to give $1 million to charity. But “Anonymous” hackers say they were framed.
Posted In: anonymous, hackers

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