Marketplace for Monday, December 24, 2012

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Tonight's the big night for Santa -- we break down the numbers of Santa's business enterprise, elves and all. Toy analyst Sean McGowan explains why Lego is still relevant in 2012. Meanwhile, Microsoft computer sales are down from last year. Charles Dickens would be celebrating his 200th birthday this year; reporter Christopher Werth explores the economics of the man and his works. And in the latest installment of the Street of Eternal Happiness series, a look into the China's 'mad men' industry.

No toy slump for Lego

Toy industry analyst Sean McGowan talks about the continued success of toy company Lego, even in 2012.
Posted In: lego, toys

The year in Wealth & Poverty 2012

A story about striking janitors in Houston sums up the themes covered by the Wealth and Poverty desk in 2012.

Windows 8 sales soft in changing market

Microsoft launched Windows 8 to capture a share of the touch screen computing market. But PC sales are down and tablet competition is stiff
Posted In: Microsoft, windows 8

There are more guns -- but fewer gun owners

The NRA has fewer gun owners to draw on for support, as fewer Americans live in rural areas or serve in the military, and more households are headed by women.
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The Street of Eternal Happiness: China's 'Mad Men'

In the latest stop on the Street of Eternal Happiness in Shanghai, a profile of an advertising agency's journey through the lucrative and challenging China market.
Posted In: China, advertising, commercials

Breaking down Santa, Inc.

Christmas is coming up and needless to say, Santa Claus must be busy. He is, after all, really the world’s ultimate personal shopper. And since Marketplace is a business program, we couldn’t help but wonder what sort of enterprise Santa runs.
Posted In: Santa, Christmas

Taking stock of Dickens on business

Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" is usually read with an anti-capitalist bent, but a wider reading of his works show a different picture.
Posted In: Charles Dickens

A look at this year's holiday shopping numbers

According to the NPD Group, shoes rank among the top sellers this holiday season.
Posted In: shoes, holiday shopping

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