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North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has died, which leaves his country and its economy up in the air. Here in the U.S., Congress continues debating extending the payroll tax cut. Some have accused Congress of 'kicking the can' on some issues, but where does that phrase come from? Commentator John Steele Gordon says politicians are to blame for the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. A Saudi prince invested in Twitter. UPS is trying to go green. And migrant farmers in Guatemala are choosing between poverty, or pursuing a new life in an unfriendly U.S.

Risky business: Leaving Guatemala

Guatemalan workers deported three years ago debate whether to return to the United States.
Posted In: Immigration, guatemala

North Korea: A fragile economy after Kim Jong-Il

Death of dictator creates a new region of uncertainty. What it means for North Korea's economy, the U.S. and neighboring countries as the nation's military decides whether to accept Kim Jong-Il's son as leader.
Posted In: North Korea, Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-Un

Payroll tax cut, what payroll tax cut?

Some New Yorkers told Marketplace they don't know what the payroll tax cut is, how much money it put in their pockets, or whether they spent it.
Posted In: payroll tax

Brown goes green

UPS new chief sustainability officer rings in holiday environmental goals.
Posted In: sustainability, green fuel, UPS

Twitter gets royal treatment

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is said to be acquiring a 3 percent stake in Twitter. The social network is growing fast in the Arab world.
Posted In: Twitter, Arab Spring

The origin of "kick the can"

It's been said Congress is "kicking the can" in the debate over the payroll tax. But where exactly did that phrase come from and why has it become a metaphor for political dysfunction?
Posted In: Congress, payroll tax

Regulating Fannie and Freddie

The SEC charged two former CEOs of the mortgage giants for failing to fully report their companies' exposure to subprime mortgages.
Posted In: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, subprime, mortgage fraud

Samsung suing Apple over emoticons... :O

Can you believe it? Samsung has filed complaints in Germany.
Posted In: emoticons, apple, samsung

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