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Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein has plans to introduce a bill that would ban assault weapons, and that legislation is sure to attract attention and money from special interest groups. Sen. John Kerry, meanwhile, is one of the front runners for the next Secretary of State and if he gets the position, his home state of Massachusetts will have to hold a third Senate race in a little over two years. With Christmas just around the corner and many retailers offering free shipping, UPS and others will need to be smart in order to get all that stuff out in time. Rival jewelry stores are taking Zales to court over its advertising claims of selling the most brilliant diamonds. And in the last of our series "Food for 9 Billion," we explore how eating habits affect climate change.

Four steps toward a climate-friendly diet

We won’t stop climate change through individual action alone, but together, we can make a real difference. Here are some steps to climate-friendly habits.
Posted In: climate change, diet, Food, sustainability

A wait-and-see winter for one cattle rancher

We check back in with cattle rancher Ken Lenox about how he and his herd are preparing for winter.
Posted In: midwest, drought

Gun lobby outspends gun-control advocates

The National Rifle Association spent $24 million this last election cycle
Posted In: gun control, guns, National Rifle Association, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Bringing the climate fight to the table

Low-emissions cooking aims to slow global warming one plate at a time -- with good food.
Posted In: Food for 9 Billion, climate change, Food, sustainability

The math behind tracking holiday packages

So how do all those packages really get from point A to point B anyway?
Posted In: free shipping, shipping, UPS

'The Hobbit': Why are there so many ways to see it?

'Hobbit' producers try to maximize audience with a variety of viewing formats.
Posted In: movies, 3d, The Hobbit

Flow of political money may continue in Massachusetts

With U.S. Sen. John Kerry on the short list to become Secretary of State, Massachusetts could be in line for its third U.S. Senate election in just more than two years. It's meant big bucks spent in advertising.
Posted In: politics, campaign spending, Massachusetts, Senate

Jewelry chains fight over clearest, brightest diamonds

Zales advertises it has the clearest, brightest diamonds. Competitors get their day in court to contest that.
Posted In: zales, diamond, advertising

Americans divided on what Newtown shootings reflect

A Pew survey asked Americans whether the Newtown shootings reflect broader problems in Americans society or are just the acts of troubled individuals.
Posted In: Newtown

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