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Outgoing SEC Chair Mary Schapiro talks about her last four years in office. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union today, and many are wondering why. Dan Gorenstein takes a look at new legislation promoting the training and hiring of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to provide peer counseling to fellow veterans. Deductions for charitable giving could be on the chopping block as part of a deal on the fiscal cliff. Retail stores are increasing their giveaways this holiday shopping season to get customers in stores. And we consider whether song orders on albums still matter in this digital age.

Retailers could step up freebies for shoppers

As holiday season heads into the last stretch, retailers are gauging just how much they have to give away to get skittish shoppers to spend.
Posted In: Retail, holiday discounts, holiday shopping

A job market for vets helping vets

Thousands of veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan need counseling and their fellow soldiers are helping to meet the demand.
Posted In: veterans, trauma, mental health, PTSD

European Union wins Nobel Peace Prize

The European Union has been awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize. The $1.2 million award has been welcomed by EU leaders, but some say the EU should not have received it.
Posted In: Nobel Prize, European Union

Watchdog of Wall Street, SEC's Mary Schapiro, looks back

SEC chairman Mary Schapiro will officially step down from her post on Friday.
Posted In: Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Schapiro, SEC

Deportees get a one-way plane ticket to Mexico City

The U.S. spent a lot of money to fly Mexican detainees back to the interior of their country, instead of dropping them off just south of the Mexican border. Did it work?
Posted In: Mexico, deportation, Crime, Immigration

Why do we have a charitable tax deduction, anyway?

The history of the tax deduction for charitable giving and why charities are worried it could change.
Posted In: Taxes, fiscal cliff, charitable deduction, philanthropy

Federal Trade Commission investigating privacy in kids' apps

The FTC is concerned about the data being collected through the mobile apps kids play with.
Posted In: children, apps, mobile apps, privacy

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