Marketplace for Monday, Dec. 29, 2008

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Marketplace for Monday, Dec. 29, 2008

U.K. galleries on quest to save painting

The National Galleries of Scotland are hoping to raise enough money to keep a painting by Renaissance master Titian from being taken back by its owner. Problem is, the painting has a hefty price tag. Christopher Werth reports.

Used car businessman still optimistic

Business at Mort's Imports in Ohio has remained pretty stagnant over the past few months. But owner Morton McArthur tells Kai Ryssdal he remains optimistic that his used car dealership will be able to survive the economic downturn.
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So what's a hedge fund?

Hedge funds seem to make headlines when things go bad on a trading day. But what are these funds and how do they really affect the stock market? Mitchell Hartman explains the term in our latest Marketplace Decoder.

Not planning on retirement is OK

The economic crisis is ruining retirement plans for some people. But commentator Tim Eavenson thinks he'll be OK if he never retires, and he will happily exchange retirement funds for other benefits.
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Chalking up the losses of 2008

Watching the stock market spiral downward this year was pretty tough. As the market went south, so did our retirement savings, college funds and other investments. Kai Ryssdal speaks with Robert Reich about those losses and how we're coping with them.
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Electronic show running on low battery

The 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show promises the latest innovations in technological gadgets and products. But as Jeremy Hobson reports, attendance is expected to be much lower than in years past because retailers who sell electronics are being hit hard by the recession.
Posted In: Science

Dow Chemical down after deal implodes

Dow Chemical was set on a joint venture with a state-owned Kuwaiti company. But after the deal fell through, so did the company's shares. As Janet Babin reports, without a merger, another Dow Chemical deal may be at risk.
Posted In: Oil

Gaza smuggling tunnels bombed

Israeli air strikes continue to hit Gaza. Over the weekend, 40 underground tunnels on the Egyptian border were bombed. As Daniel Estrin reports, some smugglers stand to make good money off of the crisis.

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