Marketplace for Monday, August 6, 2012

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Best Buy hasn't fared well in the recession and now its founder is offering nearly $9 million to buy out the company. The Curiosity Rover has successfully landed on Mars -- are humans the red planet's next arrival? Harvard is considering canceling subscriptions to costly academic journals. In New York City, scavengers are stealing cardboard scraps and making millions. Kai Ryssdal talks to sports agent Evan Morgenstein about turning Olympic amateur athletes into sponsored, money-making machines. And we take a look at the metaphors we use to describe the economy.

The lucrative crime of cardboard theft

For most people, cardboard is... just there. But stealing cardboard can be a relatively easy -- and surprisingly profitable -- crime.
Posted In: theft, cardboard

How metaphors shape our view of the economy

The economy is complex so we use metaphors to make it understandable. Sometimes, though, these metaphors also shape our view of the economy.

How much for this gold-winning Olympian?

One sports agent talks about what can bring an athlete big bucks -- and what won't.
Posted In: Olympics, athletes, marketing

How bank-rate rigging hits the real world

The LIBOR rigging scandal extends beyond Wall Street. Local governments allege fake rates made budget shortfalls worse and hit public services.
Posted In: LIBOR, Banks, Barclays

Best Buy's founder wants to return as savior

After resigning as chairman, Best Buy founder Richard Schulze wants to buy the retailer for $8 billion. What will it take to save Best Buy?
Posted In: Best Buy, Richard Schulze

Economy squeezes Harvard spending

Even elite universities like Harvard, with a $32 billion endowment, are reducing expenses. Among the cuts? Faculty subscriptions to academic journals that can cost $40,000 a year.
Posted In: harvard, endowments

The cost of living...on Mars

The Curiosity Rover's successful landing got us wondering: Just how much would it cost to live on the Red Planet?
Posted In: mars

Shannon Eastin will be first female official in an NFL game

She'll be on the field Thursday night when the Green Bay Packers play the San Diego Chargers.
Posted In: NFL

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