Marketplace for Monday, August 30, 2010

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Marketplace for Monday, August 30, 2010

So, who owns the Dodgers?

Opening statements were given today in the divorce trial of Jamie and Frank McCourt. A judge will determine who gets ownership, or if both have ownership, of the Dodgers baseball team.
Posted In: Law, Sports

Should public transportation be free?

In Paris, an underground group is posing that question. They dodge fares, not to save money, but to spark a debate over whether public transportation should be free or not.

Preparing for a disaster

Kai Ryssdal speaks to Shirley Laska, the director of the Center for Hazards Assessment, Response, and Technology at the University of New Orleans, about the center's curriculum and how it can improve communities before, during and after a disaster.
Posted In: Education

Building New Orleans' long-term future still a struggle

Some progress has been made in rebuilding New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, but the city is still struggling to attract the investors needed to establish a strong future.
Posted In: Jobs

Used cars in demand

Consumers have been waiting for the economy to turnaround before purchasing a new car. But with the future still uncertain, many are opting for used cars -- and that demand is driving prices up.
Posted In: Auto

Some public school systems still financially secure

Many school systems made severe budget cuts and lay offs to stay afloat, but some public school systems are still financial secure, and in some cases, have even more money coming their way.
Posted In: Education

Companies opt to spend on acquisitions and mergers

Many companies are sitting on cash they hoarded during the recession. For some companies entertaining mergers, selling now may be a way to get the best price in case of a double-dip recession.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions

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