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Tropical storm Isaac is expected to bring extreme rain and winds up to 95 miles an hour. Kai Ryssdal talks to Sal Sunseri from Louisiana about how his oyster company is faring. Meanwhile, car rental company Hertz says it will buy its rival Dollar Thrifty for $2 billion, and keep all three companies intact. A small town in South Dakota is home to a large population of foreign workers. A teacher describes the 'pink slip anxiety' that's become common at the end of school years. And our Food for 9 Billion series continues with a look at food waste in Senegal and in suburban California.

Every new school year, uncertainty for teachers

A language arts teacher in Minnesota describes the anxiety that comes with every new school year -- wondering if she will have a job.
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Foreign workers flood unexpected places

You might not think the town of Wall, S.D., (population 800) is very cosmopolitan. But you'd be wrong, thanks to hundreds of foreign guest workers -- mostly young people from eastern Europe.
Posted In: South Dakota, foreign workers

Spilled and spoiled: Exploring two worlds of food waste

An alarming amount of the food we produce is never eaten. It’s a huge waste of land, water, labor, fuel and other resources. How to limit the losses? That depends on where we live.
Posted In: Senegal, milk, Food, waste

Spilled and spoiled: In the U.S., consumers are the food wasters

Where food is cheap and plentiful, consumers are the biggest wasters -- whether at home, in restaurants or at school. But how much of this waste is preventable?
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Gulf oyster producers prepare for Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac is poised to make landfall on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. As it churns in the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans business owners and residents are preparing for yet another potential disaster.
Posted In: hurricane, shellfish, fishing industry, Isaac, New Orleans

New Orleans stocks up to ride out Isaac

Since Katrina, the city has focused on evacuation as a response to hurricanes. This time the advice is to stay put, with a few days' emergency supplies. Stores respond as best they can.
Posted In: Isaac, hurricane, natural disasters

Apple-Samsung ruling resonates hard in South Korea

The court ruling that Samsung infringed on Apple patents has complicated fallout in South Korea, where Samsung's success has been very much a part of the national identity.
Posted In: South Korea, apple, samsung, patents, patent wars

Do we need both Hertz and Dollar Thrifty?

The separate brands are expected to survive a merger of their parent companies.
Posted In: Hertz, Dollar Thrifty, Auto, Mergers and Acquisitions

Even Neil Armstrong got paid per diem

Minus a deduction for accommodations, since there was the spacecraft to stay in.
Posted In: Neil Armstrong, astronaut, space

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