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The merger of BATS and Direct Edge creates the second-largest stock exchange in the U.S. These exchanges, created by big financial institutions, were built for speed. Plus, Donald Trump is being sued for allegedly defrauding Trump “University” students. But in addition to his name on an online school, Trump also has made big business out of licensing his brand. Finally, the wildfire in California near Yosemite is one of the largest in state history. Cities and local communities are threatened -- the next step for the people whose homes have been destroyed is likely a call to their insurance company. And many of the people who live in fire-prone areas can't get regular fire insurance.

Sports contracts can pay more when they pay later

Two of the most admired and notorious deals in pro sports involve postponing payments in return for bigger paychecks.
Posted In: ABA, NBA, Spirits of St. Louis, Bobby Bonilla, Sports

A fluid Bitcoin community, but not a silent one

U.S. regulators are trying to figure out how to handle Bitcoin, a virtual currency back by no government.
Posted In: bitcoin

A steep cab fare: Uber valued at $3.5 billion

On-demand car service Uber, which uses a smartphone app to send you a car, is reported to be worth $3.5 billion.
Posted In: Uber, Google

Social shopping: Word-of-mouth into dollars-and-cents

On social commerce sites, users curate their own recommendations, and people can even get a cut of any sales.
Posted In: fashion, e-commerce

Insurance pools enable housing in Western wildfire zones

As the Rim Fire in California continues to spread from Yosemite National Park, thousands of homes are threatened. In many areas in the West, insurance pools make it possible to build housing in high-risk fire zones.
Posted In: fire, insurance

Trump University fails students: Lawsuit

Trump University is just one of the many items that the Donald has branded.
Posted In: donald trump, licensing

BATS + Direct Edge = giant stock exchange you've never heard of

The merger of BATS and Direct Edge will create the second-largest stock exchange in the U.S., passing the Nasdaq.

Google Glass wants to track how you watch ads

A new app for Google Glass measures pupil dilation in reaction to advertisements.
Posted In: Google Glass, advertising

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