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Dollar Tree
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There's a dollar store bidding war going on out there. We report on the extent of the competition in the market, and how the stores involved differentiate themselves. Plus, the Fed is paying close attention to the number of part time workers, as it looks like the number of part-time workers has increased after reaching a five-year low. We look at why this has happened, and ask if it’s something we should be worried about. Also, every year the federal government sets the amount its employees may spend per day when they travel. The per diems for fiscal 2015? $83 for lodging and $46 for meals and other expenses. The standard is also followed by federal contractors and some private businesses. What impact do these standards have on hotels and other businesses that depend on these travelers?

Where all those charges on your phone bill come from

A bunch of them are taxes - and a bunch are extra fees that just look like taxes.
Posted In: Taxes, cell phones, bills, hidden fees

How police presence in Ferguson shut down one business

The Swiish Bar and Grill seemed far away from the violence. It was and it wasn't.
Posted In: Ferguson, missouri, protests, St. Louis, Small Business, police
Janet Yellen

Behind the indicators: Job quality vs. job quantity

Many indicators regarding job quality are improving slowly — or not at all.
Posted In: part-time jobs, employees, The Fed

The cost of travel, according to the federal government

Some hotels set their rates based on the federal standard.
Posted In: federal government, Travel, business
Dollar General

Who will win the dollar store bidding war?

If you thought all dollar stores are the same, think again.
Posted In: dollar store, mergers, discount store

What makes a good writer at Sports Illustrated?

An internal document shows Time Inc. is rating how writers benefit advertisers.
Posted In: journalism, ethics, Sports Illustrated

Won't you please take a vacation?

At least one company will actually pay you to get away for a while.
Posted In: vacation days, productivity, harvard

'No medical student goes to...become a businessperson'

A doctor's thoughts on the changing healthcare landscape.
Posted In: doctors, medical costs

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