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Kinder Morgan, the alleged largest pipeline company in North America, is folding three of its separately-traded subsidiaries into its parent company. The merger will help Kinder Morgan expand its network of pipelines and position it to acquire other pipeline companies. Plus, you might think BuzzFeed is just a vapid company that produces listicle clickbait. But a venture capital company has valued it just shy of a billion dollars and touted its value as a tech company. Which goes to show that there’s still a lot we don’t know about BuzzFeed. Also, Amazon is under fire for not accepting pre-orders of forthcoming Disney DVD and Blu-ray titles including "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Maleficent." It echoes an earlier dispute between the online retailer and publisher Hachette over Hachette’s pricing policies. But in pressuring suppliers over pricing, is Amazon not doing what many other big retailers do?
Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan deal lays groundwork for more pipelines

Consolidation will allow Kinder Morgan to acquire other pipeline companies
Posted In: pipelines, oil companies, Keystone pipeline

Are your sneakers real?

Nike is the most counterfeited brand, according to the World Customs Organization.

Why BuzzFeed might be worth $850 million

A venture capital company has valued Buzzfeed just shy of a billion dollars.
Posted In: buzzfeed, lists, media

It's Amazon vs. Disney in a new pricing dispute

The question: Is it price pressuring, or exercising the market muscle?
Posted In: Amazon, disney, DVD, retailers

As humanitarian crises grow, so does the aid industry

The industry that cares for vulnerable people expands with the need.
Posted In: humanitarian aid, nonprofit, NGOs

Phil Hamm's no billionaire, but he's got something to say about oil

Billionaire Harold Hamm is a leading oil man. Phil Hamm - he's a different story
Posted In: Black Gold Boom, North Dakota

Why 'Apple University' teaches new hires Picasso

The New York Times' Brian Chen on the tech giant's employee training program.
Posted In: apple, workplace culture, employee training

Bevel: Beyond the 'ethnic' aisle

Tristan Walker says this razor kit was designed for men with coarse, curly hair.
Posted In: race, shaving, cosmetics

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