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Amazon Expands Grocery Delivery Service To Los Angeles Area
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Tomorrow Obama signs an EO meant to help close the wage gap for federal contractors. Of these contractors, woman earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. In this episode, we investigate who these women are and what they stand to gain. Also, with the Nasdaq sliding we look at the Tech sectors value and what it means to the overall economy, considering it doesn't produce jobs. Plus: Amazon's created a device called Dash that can speed your oredering of groceries from Amazon Fresh, if you happem to be one of the few people who uses Amazon Fresh, which raises the question: Why do tech companies find it so challenging to be grocery stores? Afterall, some grocery stores already deliver and have been doing so for a while.   

When to trust (cough) financial journalists

Researchers settled on some rules of thumb.

'The Tech Sector': Growing, and growing vaguer

The Nasdaq is sliding and there’s lots of hand-wringing over the tech sector.
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GM President, Michigan Governor Visit Flint Assembly Plant

Can an executive order help close the pay gap?

The order will ban federal contractors from retaliating against employees who discuss what they're paid.
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Home-delivery of groceries isn't new, Amazon

Real grocery stores have delivered groceries to customers for a long time. What's so hard?
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Pixar: From 'Toy Story' to today

Pixar President and co-founder, Ed Catmull talks about the company.
Posted In: pixar, disney, animation

Delayed foreclosures: drawing out the agony?

Do long, drawn-out foreclosures really help homeowners prepare?
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Biofuels, beer and Boardwalk Empire

Marketplace Datebook for Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Is this town the Luxembourg of Illinois sales tax?

Companies based in Chicago record sales in Kankakee and other towns outside the city to lower tax bills.
Posted In: Chicago, Taxes

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