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New Chinese aphrodisiac: real estate

In big cities in China, single women may still be looking for men with charm, wit, intelligence and good looks. But what really makes them swoon is a man who owns a home. Lisa Chow reports.
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Rising food prices leave millions hungry

Hundreds of millions of the world's poorest consumers are suffering greatly as the global cost of food has soared. Washington Post reporter Anthony Faioloa met some of them recently in western Africa. He talks with Kai Ryssdal about what he saw.

Workers' new worry: 'Reclassification'

IBM employees on Tuesday plan to protest the company's practice of "reclassification," or changing salaried workers to hourly ones. It's a word that's getting a lot of play in corporate America these days. Lisa Napoli reports.

Overseas airmail policy just doesn't fly

Almost a year ago the United States Postal Service stopped sending letters and packages by sea. It's airmail only now for most international postage. Commentator Robert Lyle wonders whether the change has been worth it.

'Forever' stamp being bought posthaste

Two weeks from today the cost of mailing a first-class letter goes up a penny, from 41 to 42 cents. Unless you've bought some of theose "forever" stamps, which are being bought at a rate of 30 million a day. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Troubled borrowers focus of BofA deal

The Federal Reserve is holding hearings in L.A. on Bank of America's planned acquisition of troubled mortgage company Countrywide. Fair-lending advocates say the acquisition should include an obligation to help clients avoid foreclosure. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Labor disputes push oil prices higher

Oil nudged closer to $120 a barrel today. Two theoretically unrelated labor disputes -- in Nigeria and Britain -- were largely to blame. Stephen Beard reports.

Billionaires do some bargain hunting

The Mars candy company is teaming up with Warren Buffet to buy Wrigleys for $23 billion. Meanwhile, Kirk Kerkorian is buying more shares in Ford Motor Co. If you've got billions, is now the time for bargains? Jill Barshay reports.
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