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Digital billboards were part of the city-wide effort to nab the Boston Marathon suspects, but many cities are trying to turn the lights off. Could this use save the future of digital billboards? As part of our BURN: An Energy Journal partnership, we look at the military’s Rapid Equipping Force, a think tank that uses technology to solve these problems as soon as possible. Also, how funny can six seconds get? A look at Twitter's upcoming comedy festival with Comedy Central.

Why a private equity tycoon is funding a scholarship in China

Billionaire Stephen Schwarzman is spearheading a $300 million scholarship fund for top students from the U.S., Europe, and Latin America to spend a year in China. With philanthropy, comes influence.
Posted In: China, Education, Tsinghua University

Mindful spending after the recession?

Chase announces a new initiative meant to encourage personal finance literacy. But what's behind it?
Posted In: Chase, spending

Digital billboards: Public service in Boston, public nuisance to other cities

On the day digital billboards spread news of the Boston Marathon bombing among Boston drivers, a judge's decision turned off digital billboards in Los Angeles. Cities and advertising companies argue over the bright billboards' value.
Posted In: advertising, billboard

The consequences of an online sales tax

Online sales taxes are up for debate again and big guys like eBay are crying foul. What are the real consequences of an online sales tax for retailers?
Posted In: online sales tax, sales tax, ebay,

A comedy festival in 140 characters and 6 seconds: Comedy Central launches #ComedyFest

Twitter is launching a comedy festival in conjunction with Comedy Central, and it will all be on Twitter and Vine. How funny can you be in 140 characters and six seconds?
Posted In: Twitter, Comedy Central, comedy, Vine

Today's Army marches on its batteries while searching for alternatives

The Rapid Equipping Force seeks solutions to problems soldiers encounter in the field -- such as packing pounds and pounds of batteries on patrol.
Posted In: energy, military, batteries, Army

Immigration bill also benefits meat industry, Irish workers, ski instructors

The pet projects of the immigration bill being worked on in Congress.
Posted In: pork. immigration bill, Congress

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