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Satellite TV pioneer Charlie Ergen is making a bold play for wireless telecom company Sprint Nextel. Why the $25.5 billion move? It's about growth and that future of TV. Raj Chetty won the John Bates Clark Medal for economists under 40. We walk through one of the studies that got him the award. Plus, in case you thought we forgot, it's Tax Day. An excited accountant tells us why it's the best job ever.

Explosions at the Boston Marathon, three killed

There were two explosions near the finish line of the major race this afternoon, right in the heart of commercial Boston.
Posted In: boston, boston marathon

Why I love doing taxes

A tax accountant on why he loves doing taxes.
Posted In: Taxes

One student's path from Oyler to college

The high school senior will be the first in her family to graduate high school, but she's got her eyes on an even bigger prize.
Posted In: Oyler School
Signage at the Dish Network booth at the 2013 International CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

What Dish buying Sprint Nextel means for your TV set

Dish Network wants to buy up Sprint Nextel for $25.5 billion. This play is all about the future of TV.
Posted In: cable TV, dish network, Sprint, Sprint Nextel, television

Raj Chetty: Exploring how the economy works in real life

Raj Chetty just won the John Bates Clark Medal for economists under the age of 40. We walk with him through one of his experiments that shed light on how people make economic decisions.
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In Venezuela, an election and more of the same

Venezuela elects Hugo Chavez's preferred successor as president. We talk to one business owner about what that means for him.
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Farmers, unions balance economic interests for immigration deal

Farmers hope the proposal to expand farm worker visas will stabilize their labor supply. Unions focus on making sure the deal protects workers and their wages.
Posted In: Immigration, farm workers, union

The average American takes 13 hours to file taxes

A full 13 hours to comply with the tax code, gathering receipts, reading the rules, and filling out forms the IRS requires.
Posted In: Taxes

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