Marketplace for Monday, April 12, 2010

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Marketplace for Monday, April 12, 2010

Artists find solutions for rising currents

Museum of Modern Art curator Barry Bergdoll talks with Kai Ryssdal about an exhibition called "Rising Currents," where big-thinking architects and artists offer solutions to the problems caused by the sea level rising in New York City.
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Nielsen reports on 4th screen audience

Small TV screens broadcasting news and ads have become ubiquitous at the gym, grocery stores, even elevators at work. Now the company behind TV ratings has released its first report on how big audiences are for these little screens. Caitlan Carroll reports.

Truckers fight L.A. Port clean-up plan

The trucking industry is suing the Port of Los Angeles over a program to clean up trucks. The case could affect cargo and trucking industries all over the U.S. Sarah Gardner reports.

NYC spending makes some nervous

A park off lower Manhattan was supposed to be jointly managed by the state and New York City. Now the city has stepped up to take over the state's share even though it's not so well off either. Alisa Roth reports.
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GAO: Postal Service must cut even more

The Government Accountability Office has looked at the U.S. Postal Service's finances and concluded that it has to do a lot more than just cut its mail deliveries. Otherwise it risks growing losses. John Dimsdale reports.

Is revised TARP price tag accurate?

The Treasury Department says TARP, the bank bailout, is going to cost $115 billion less than previously estimated. That's because many banks have repaid their TARP funds with interest. But Brett Neely reports that's not counting all the costs.

How Greece got into a financial mess

Greece's European partners have agreed to a package of loans to protect the Greek government from default -- $41 billion are on offer with another $20 billion from the IMF. But will yet more debt help solve the debt problem? Stephen Beard reports.

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