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The sequester officially "kicked in" one month ago, today. At the time, dire media warnings made it sound like we were going to hit an economic brick wall, but that hasn't happened. Why haven't the doomsday predictions come true? Also, April 1 is the deadline for most colleges and universities to let applicants know whether they've been accepted for admission. The tuition check is coming due. On top of that, there'a whole host of other costs that applicants have to pay nowadays.

Weight loss products just got sexier

Weight loss plans like Slim-Fast and Weight Watchers are competing hard against free options like calorie-counting apps on smartphones.
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Cities eye Stockton bankruptcy ruling

A bankruptcy in Stockton, Calif., could have reverberations for other municipalities around the country.
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Forget tuition, just applying to college can cost thousands

April 1 is the deadline for most colleges and universities to let applicants know whether they've been accepted -- or not. Already, families have spent thousands on the process.
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Wait, wasn't the sequester going to crater the economy?

One month to the day after the sequester supposedly kicked in, the housing market and stock market are driving an economic recovery.
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Confused by immigration politics? Explaining the 'prevailing wage'

Key business and labor groups have agreed to a temporary worker plan that may result in political compromise. The deal hinges on paying a "prevailing wage."
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Britain's new 'Bedroom Tax' is not what you'd think

The U.K. revealed the biggest overhaul to its welfare system in a generation. One major cut will be to crackdown on people who live in large houses but collect welfare payments.
Posted In: austerity, welfare, welfare offices, welfare reform

The Statue of Liberty Mutual

The sequester and other coming government cuts have led the federal government to sell naming rights to monuments and national parks.

Many German Christians quit church to avoid tax

In Germany, taxes are levied on believers to fund the churches. Many Germany are now leaving their church in order to avoid the tax.
Posted In: Germany, Christianity, religion

The most common job in the U.S.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has calculated the most and least common jobs in the country.
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