Marketplace for May 27, 2011

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Marketplace for May 27, 2011

How to avoid buyer's remorse

Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland discusses what to do when you have regret over some of the things you buy.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Senate blocks recess appointments next week

President Obama can't name heads of a few agencies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, over Memorial Day break. But the CFPB is already geared up for work.

Weekly Wrap: The slow economic recovery

Reviewing the week's new on Wall Street. This week: the U.S.'s slow economic recovery, and worries about the European debt crisis.
Posted In: Wall Street

Washington's debt default blemish

Amid brinkmanship over the debt ceiling, a reminder that the Treasury briefly defaulted in 1979. Would the consequences be graver this time?

Disaster aid gets caught up in deficit debate

Is tornado damage worthy of emergency aid? Some Republicans say federal disaster aid should be offset by other budget cuts to curb the deficit.

Delta Air Lines wants to permanently eliminate 'lost' bags

A new feature tracks your luggage the same way FedEx or UPS tracks a package. But will it get airline passengers to check bags more often?
Posted In: Travel

The politics of the budget

Frustrated by the annual budget ritual in D.C.? There's a law behind what some consider a maddening process.

At G8, Japan turns toward the sun

Japan has cancelled plans to expand nuclear capacity and opted instead to focus on renewable energy, most notably solar power.

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