Marketplace for May 24, 2011

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Marketplace for May 24, 2011

Khan Academy looks to bridge the education gap with online learning

Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, discusses the education problem his organization can solve and technology's role in schools.
Posted In: Education

Are we in an invisible stock bubble?

SmartMoney's Jack Hough warns that although stock prices seem normal right now, big corporate earnings could cause a major drop.
Posted In: Wall Street

Greece sells off assets to tackle debt

Faced with possible default on its debt, Greece is selling off state assets at a discount, but some wonder if the country is reaping the benefits.

Twitpic takes pictures, literally

Twitpic makes a deal to sell the pictures you post to Twitter.

Macy's hits the discount mall

Macy's will open in its first discount mall next year. It's all part of the new high-low mix.
Posted In: Retail

Oprah signs off after 25-year TV run

Oprah's television finale has prompted a tidal wave of media attention and advertising. But her departure leaves a big void for marketers.

Pretend investing can have a real upside lets you play the markets risk-free. And get paid if you are among the best performing users every month.
Posted In: Investing

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