Marketplace for May 23, 2011

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Marketplace for May 23, 2011

Supreme Court rules California must alleviate overcrowding in prisons

California's prisons are far overcrowded, but the state's budget crisis makes many of the solutions difficult.
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Obama seeks European help on Middle East

President Obama began a six-day trip to Europe during which he will ask the Europeans to help fund democratic changes in the Middle East.

Too Big To Fail: The story behind HBO's movie

Curtis Hanson, director of HBO's "Too Big To Fail," discusses why he decided to make a suspense film about the financial crisis.

Tornadoes add to catastrophic year for insurers

Whether extreme weather is becoming the new normal is a predicament for insurance companies, their coverage plans and their premiums.

GOP presidential contenders scramble for money

So far, Mitt Romney has raised more money than anyone else, but the Republican base will ultimately determine which of half a dozen contenders draw the most support.

Social spending meets market discipline

U.S. federal, state and city governments are moving toward testing a British idea for social programs: pay only if they achieve desired results.

The ad spin

The way of the future: Better, more relevant ads for products consumers want. Or is it?

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