Marketplace for March 31, 2011

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Marketplace for March 31, 2011

The need to end the debt supercycle in the U.S.

Author John Mauldin explains why he thinks Americans need to accept a cut in Medicare and a hike in taxes, for the sake of the republic.
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California budget cuts hit community colleges

Hundreds of thousands of students will find themselves battling for fewer spots in community colleges. The cutback in classes could ripple through the economy.
Posted In: Education

Business looks past federal budget impasse

U.S. businesses are shrugging off a possible federal government shutdown, but are concerned about whether the debt ceiling will be raised.
Posted In: Economy

Social media change the way PR firms do business

PR and communications professionals have had to change the way they do business, and teach their clients how to do so, too.

The U.S. places long bets on energy innovation

President Obama's plans for future economic competitiveness put a lot of money on a risky venture -- the global race for better batteries.

Disliking the Facebook 'dislike'

Facebook has a "like" button. Now users want to share their disapproval, too.

Sarkozy visits Japan, urges nuclear safety review

As Sarkozy visits, experts from France -- a major exporter of nuclear technology -- help Japan deal with contamination at the damaged Fukushima plant.

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