Marketplace for March 3, 2011

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Marketplace for March 3, 2011

Washington PR firm and Tunisia break ties

When the Washington Media Group signed a contract to drum up tourism for Tunisia, they thought the country had a good story to tell. When the story turned sour, they broke it.

The killer cure for alcoholism in Russia

Alcoholism is costing Russian society and the Russian economy billions in lost income and lost lives every year. From Moscow comes the tale of a tiny pill that's scaring Russians into giving up the alcohol that's killing them.
Posted In: Russia

European nations help workers fleeing Libya

Britain, France and Spain are among the European nations helping foreign workers who fled violence in Libya get back to their home countries.
Posted In: Immigration

U.N. reports prices for many foods at record highs

Shortages and price shocks have helped along protests in the Middle East. One factor in rising food prices is climate change, says the Earth Policy Institute.
Posted In: Food

Productivity is up -- oh no!

Increased productivity from employees is good, but at some point employers need to hire more of them.
Posted In: Economy, Jobs

Landscapes of extraction

Photographer J Henry Fair captures aerial images of pollution and destruction that result from extreme industrial processes. The images, simultaneously beautiful and horrifying, are meant to be viewed as a commentary on the impact of human consumption on the environment.

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