Marketplace for March 22, 2011

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Marketplace for March 22, 2011

American meat and vegetables could be a hot commodity in Japan

Food safety concerns means the Japanese could import more produce and meat products from the U.S., despite Japan's protectionist agriculture policy.
Posted In: Food

Treasury to sell its mortgage-backed securities

The U.S. Treasury is to sell $142 billion of mortgage-backed securities it bought during the financial crisis. Will the sale boost mortgage rates?
Posted In: Housing

U.S. costs for Libya could rack up fast

The Pentagon is going to have to ask Congress for emergency funding if U.S. expenses top $1 billion. That could happen in as little as a month. The question is, will Congress go along?

Japan tourism hit by earthquake, nuclear leak

Tourism brings billions of dollars annually to Japan, but many visitors are staying away after the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear leak.

Is the United States losing its competitive edge?

Education advocates point to a recent spate of test scores that show the United States falling behind other nations. But what's the real story?
Posted In: Education

How state-controlled media work in Libya and the Arab world

Professor Marwan Kraidy discusses the effectiveness of government-controlled media in Libya and the current media landscape in Egypt.

Freakonomics: Putting out a fire before it starts

A new kind of cigarette could help drop the rate of deaths-by-fire to zero.

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